Fall 2022 | Sept 28 - Nov 6

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Philadelphia, PA United States
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Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside
1144 Locust St. Philadelphia, PA

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Public right-of-way outside
Planned Parenthood
1144 Locust Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


8-5 each M-F, 8-3 on Saturday

Please send me any stories of interesting encounters while u are there at roobearoo@gmail.com or feel free to text me

While at the vigil we will have little gift bags for the women to hand out at the center. Please hand them to the people going in or to any abortion minded women.

Each bag has candy, literature, a money saving coupon for u/s and preg test, and a hand written note. If you would like to help us make more of these bags let us know... 

when standing at the gate facing planned parenthood, there is a small street named sartain to your left. The 2nd house on the right has a wooden gate with a do not trespass sign. We are storing our resources (blessing bags) in a white Tupperware container inside the gate..we also will have a sign there. There is a combination lock on the fence. If you are new to the site and need the code for the gate please contact Pat or Monique and we will verify who you are prior to giving you the code.  Please lock the gate after you take the resources out and mix up the numbers. There is a sign on the gate stating it is under surveillance. We have been blessed with the gift of 24/7 surveillance to keep this location and property safe ! 

You can set the sign on the sidewalk closer to the road opposite the planned parenthood gate so passers by can read it, and place the box of resources underneath so you can have access to them during the hour. Don’t leave the sign alone as we have had a few stolen when vigil participants leave it and walk away.

Feel free to hand out any resources you find ...return anything you don't use. At the end of your shift if nobody arrives put the box and sign away you can lock the gate again.

Please let us know if the resources are running low.

If you can’t get in the storage area to get the resources just stand and pray.

you can park on the street near to 12th and locust and pay at the meter (If you have a smartphone I recommend downloading the Philadelphia parking authority app called “meter up” you can pay for your spot on the app using the number on the kiosk. Or you can use the SpotHero.com website and book a spot in a garage nearby at a discount. You can also try to park at the St. Peter claver Center at 12th and Lombard for free - if the chain is locked you have to buzz at the front door to ask them to let u in. Tell them you are praying with 40days for life

If the person after you doesn’t show put everything back in the storage area and you may go after locking up

Any questions call me (Monique) 4692319084 or pat (267-718-4851‬)

Link to quick training videos:
Sidewalk Servant Video Series - Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia

search for "Sidewalk servant quickstart"

Check out this website for more info: sidewalkservantsphilly.com

If you are blessed to encounter a man or woman out there who would like to talk to someone and you can’t get them to the Philadelphia community women’s center down the street feel free to contact :

Pro life union -610-626-4006
PLU text line -484-451-8104
Alpha Care- 215-545-4673
Community Women’s Center of Philadelphia - 267-239-0753
Sisters of Life- 267-831-3100


Leader Contact Info

Monique Ruberu

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