Fall 2021 | Sept 22 - Oct 31

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Rockville, MD United States
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Vigil Location

Potomac Family Planning Center at Jackson Place
Jackson Place N 932 Hungerford Drive Rockville, MD

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Earl McCleoud's Abortion Facility.

932 Hungerford Dr

Rockville, MD 20850


At the Sidewalk Vigil - We stand on the public sidewalk at Jackson Place facing MD-355 S/S Frederick Ave. 

Potomac Family Planning is located within Jackson Place business park, which is private property, therefore No Tresspassing.

Refer to "Vigil Parking" PDF under Resources.


Information for At the Sidewalk Vigils:

Join us for 40 Days for Life, a 40-day campaign to access God’s power through prayer and fasting to end abortion.  Our community will unite with communities across the country and throughout the world for a major, simultaneous pro-life mobilization.

The most crucial component of our effort to end abortion is the visible component in the peaceful prayer vigil outside the abortion facilities.

  1. The vigil site where people assemble is limited to the public sidewalk at Jackson Place facing MD-355 S/S Frederick Ave.  Vigil attendees MUST remain on the sidewalk and not enter the parking lot of the facility.  Potomac Family Planning is located within Jackson Place business park, which is private property, therefore NO Trespassing.
  2. For parking instructions refer to "Vigil Parking" PDF under Resources.
  3. Please feel free to bring your own signs but keep the theme in accordance with the peaceful non-confrontational prayer vigil.  Use a Pray to End Abortion sign or your own sign if it does not endorse any political candidate or party and is not offensive.
  4. Should anyone ask you for information on where they can get help, you can refer them to Shady Grove Pregnancy Center: 16220 Frederick Rd #118, Gaithersburg, MD 20877. (301) 963-6223.
  5. There must be at least 2 people present at any time!  Have a cell phone handy and ready to record any incident that might occur.  It has not been necessary yet, but it is better to be prepared as events can be misconstrued and rapidly blown out of proportion.  If you find yourself alone at your vigil hour, please stay in your car and pray there.
  6. The vigil hours are 24 hours each day with a night shift from 7pm until 7am each day.
  7. The vigil is a peaceful and prayerful.  Please read and sign the Statement of Peace before you sign up for vigil hours.  All participants agree to abide by a “Statement of Peace” with a pledge that they will conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner.  It is NOT the place to debate the issues with anyone who might try and confront us at the vigil.  We ask that you NOT raise your voice or argue with any of the women entering the clinic.  
  8. All 40 Days for Life Rockville Campaign schedules are coordinated in advance with the Rockville City Police Department. Should you experience any trouble, please contact the Rockville City Police Department immediately at (240) 314-8900.  Call 911 if the need arises.

Prayer Resources:

  • Daily Devotional Prayers available from the 40 Days for Life website (https://www.40daysforlife.com/en/resources-devotionals.aspx ).
  • Pro-Life Rosary Meditations by Fr. Frank Pavone (located under “Resources”).
  • Litany in Response to Abortion (https://www.priestsforlife.org/prayers/litanyinresponsetoabortion.aspx )

Our Website:

Our Rockville Campaign operates a website and posts resource documents (i.e. flyers, prayers, guidelines for vigil, statement of peace) specific to the 40 Days for Life/Rockville campaign.  You may download them from:  https://www.40daysforlife.com/en/rockville

We ask the faithful who support this peaceful, prayerful, community vigil to create a user account.  Then explore the website and use the Vigil Calendar and find out how YOU can help make a lifesaving impact as part of our local 40 Days for Life campaign – Pray for Life Rockville.

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Michelle Iannacone

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40 Days for Life Fact Sheet - SPANISH

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Pro-Life Rosary Meditations

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