Spring 2024 | Feb 14 - Mar 24

Rogers Campaign

Rogers, AR United States
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Spring 2024 | Feb 14 - Mar 24 Map
Vigil Location

Planned Parenthood
1222 West Poplar Rogers, AR

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Parking - Due to Construction at Poplar & 13th, we will NOT be parking in the is St. Vincent church parking lot.   Parking is available in the large empty lot East of Elevate (the little yellow house.)   DO NOT park in either of the TWO parking lots between the Patriarch House and Planned Parenthood OR the Community Health Clinic lot.

Moms and Dads who bring their children are welcome to park in the playground parking lot across the street.  Children can play while you pray.

Signs are available in the large box on the West side of the Patriarch house.   If you don't know the lock combination, contact a Team Leader.

Bathrooms, water, coffee, cocoa and snicky snacks are available in the Patriarch House.  You are also welcome to contribute drinks/snacks!

 If the House is locked when you arrive and you need the bathroom, call one of the Team Leaders.  

If a car stops on Poplar to speak with you - whether friend or foe - encourage them to park at the playground as we do not want to block the road. 

We are a prayerful and peaceful presence at Planned Parenthood.  Ignore hecklers.

If you observe any threateneing and/or illegal behavior, pictures and especially videos are encouraged but not required.  If you feel uncomfortable, don't think you have to stay.  Simply get in your car and leave.

You are a Light of Christ in a world of darkness.  You bring the Life of Christ in a world that promotes a culture of death. You are to be a peaceful, prayerful, persistent and powerful presence.


Leader Contact Info

Sheila Pursell

(469) 231-1959


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