Fall 2023 | Sept 27 - Nov 5

San Diego College Avenue Campaign

San Diego, CA United States
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Vigil Location

Sarah Weddington Planned Parenthood
4575 College Ave San Diego, CA

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40 Days for life is a powerful, prayerful, positive pro-life presence in front of Planned Parenthood. This facility does chemical abortions and is near San Diego State University with their clients typically being young adults. 
As for our presence, statistics show that canceled appointments are likely with even 1 person outside praying (we will aim to have at least 2 people per hour). We are not there to shame the people or the staff of planned parenthood; our presence is to be a reassurance that we are praying for them and will do our best to support their choosing life!

This 40 Days for Life campaign takes place during fall, September 27th  through November 5th. We are asking for volunteers to fast from food, media, social media, or whatever is helpful for you to stay in prayer and stand vigil by praying, waving, singing or holding signs for 1 hour a week for 6 weeks. As for fasting, please do what you can, any sacrifice is helpful!

Finding shelter at your place of worship before or after is recommended as there will be emotions that one experiences from being out praying in an atmosphere that is typically positive but roughly 1 out of 10 people find our prayer intolerable. We will provide some materials, including some to hand out to those who walk in.

Please contact Kathy Myers for materials and questions. Again, we recommend at least 2 people for each time slot as a practical matter of safety and having someone always praying to support while speaking with the men and women. This is going to be a 12 hour vigil so the avaible hours will be from 6am to 6pm Monday through Sunday for 40 days. It takes place in front of the Sarah Weddington Planned Parenthood Abortion Center located at 4575 College Ave near the San Diego State University Campus.

We ask that you sign the Statement of Peace either electronically or in person with one of us. In conjunction with 40 Days for Life, this is a MUST for all volunteers. (Please see it under resources!) 

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If you are curious, we have footage from a previous kickoff event:


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