Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1

Fort Pierce Campaign

Fort Pierce, FL United States
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Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1 Map
Vigil Location

A Woman's World Medical Center
503 12th St. Fort Pierce, FL

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The prayer/counseling location is the public sidewalks outside of A Woman's World Medical Center, 503 S 12th Street, Fort Pierce, Florida 34950.

Please park on the street on Delaware Avenue. Do not park in the lot of Pregnancy Care Center, which is directly east, across 12th street from the abortion clinic. Also, since we want to respect the anonymity of the clients going to Pregnancy Care Center, please do not speak to any woman entering Pregnancy Care Center. Please do not enter Pregnancy Care Center for any reason.

If you need coffee, food, or to use the bathroom, please visit Cool Beans Brew. They are located at 1115 Delaware Avenue and are open from 7am to 7pm. They are aware of the 40 Days campaign and happy to have us.

Thank you for participating in 40 Days for Life - Fort Pierce. Your prayers are infinitely important!

Local events
Leaders Meeting

Sunday, August 9th

This is an opportunity for all church/ organization leaders to come together in fellowship and discuss the upcoming campaign. If you are interested in attending, please contact Heather at HeatherAnn121@aol.com for location details.

Address: TBA Fort Pierce, FL 34982

Time: 2:00 PM

Leader Contact Info

Heather Grall Barwick


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