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Walgreens and CVS are preparing to surpass Planned Parenthood as America's biggest abortion chains...

...but there is mounting evidence that the pharmacy giants will soon regret getting into the business of killing children.

I recently spoke with Fox News about the financial backlash Walgreens, CVS, and their shareholders will face for selling abortion pills like they're candy:

It makes little sense for pharmacy chains to peddle deadly abortion pills--which have killed dozens of women and sent many thousands more to the emergency room--especially when half of America is pro-life.

And that's just the beginning of the headaches for Walgreens and CVS:

  • Walgreens is facing boycotts from both pro-lifers AND abortion supporters;
  • A recent court decision suspending FDA approval of abortion drugs is likely to end up before the Supreme Court--which could end use of these pills in the United States;
  • Pro-life attorneys general in 20 states forced Walgreens to back off from plans to sell abortion pills in their states;

40 Days for Life campaigns appeared in front of numerous CVS and Walgreens locations this spring, and more will come on board for the fall 2023 campaign!

Nobody was even thinking about handing out abortions through drive-through windows...until the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

But while the overturning of Roe creates new challenges for the pro-life movement, these challenges are NOTHING compared to the existential crisis the abortion industry is facing!

Shawn Carney, President/CEO

In addition to co-founding 40 Days for Life, Shawn is one of the most sought-after pro-life speakers, addressing audiences coast-to-coast and internationally. He has executive produced award-winning pro-life documentaries. Shawn co-authored the #1 top-rated Christian book: 40 Days for Life: Discover What God Has Done ... Imagine What He Can Do and also wrote The Beginning of the End of Abortion.