Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health | Nov 30 - Dec 1

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Frederick, MD United States
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Dobbs v. Jackson Women
Vigil Location

Planned Parenthood
170 Thomas Johnson Dr. #100 Frederick, MD

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Planned Parenthood is located within Ambers Professional Center, which is a private property, therefore No Trespassing!

  • Do NOT: (a) park in the Ambers Professional Center parking lot; (b) block the entrance or exit; (c) block the view of cars exiting to oncoming northbound or southbound traffic; or (d) impede pedestrians walking on the sidewalk - politely make way.
  • Ambers Professional Center property ends at the edge of the sidewalk nearest their property. Please refer to Right Of Way under Resources.

Sidewalk Vigil - Stay on the Public Right Of Way (ROW) sidewalk. You are allowed to be on the grass strip WEST of the sidewalk. Let's use both sides of the street on the Public ROW. Vigil volunteers facing exiting cars are very effective.

2 people must be present at any time!  Have a cell phone handy and ready to record any incident that might occur.  There have been no physical incidents to date. If you find yourself alone at your vigil hour, please stay in your car and pray there. 

Virtual Vigil – Please sign-up to pledge to pray from home or at Church if you cannot come to the sidewalk vigil for any reason. 

All 40 Days for Life Frederick Campaign schedules are coordinated in advance with the Frederick City Police DepartmentCall 911 if the need arises.

You may bring your own signs but keep the theme in accordance with a peaceful non-confrontational prayer vigil.  Use a Pray to End Abortion sign or your own sign if it does not endorse any political candidate or party and is not offensive.

Please read and sign the Statement of Peace before you sign up for vigil hours.  This is your pledge to abide by the peaceful and prayerful rules of the campaign.  

Do not engage people who are swearing or shouting. Let them know the echange or conversation is over, walk away from them and continue your vigil.

Leader Contact Info

Bob Boehman

(301) 514-0049

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Dobbs Vigil Assignments

40 Days - Commandments of Safety

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Public and Private Rights of Way

Planned Parenthood Hours - as of Aug 18, 2021


Statement of Peace

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Vigil Parking

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