Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1

Frederick Campaign

Frederick, MD United States
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Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1 Map
Vigil Location

Planned Parenthood
170 Thomas Johnson Dr. #100 Frederick, MD

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Virtual Vigil - Pledge to pray at home.  If you cannot come to pray at the sidewalk vigil, please pledge to pray the vigil hour at home.  Your prayers are important and much needed to overcome the spreading darkness and leading us to a culture of life.

At the Sidewalk Vigil - Please stay on sidewalk on Thomas Johnson Dr.  Please note Planned Parenthood offices are located within Amber Meadows Professional Center and are therefore  private property.  We cannot trespass and we are to stay on the public sidewalk on Thomas Johnson Dr.  Signs cannot be stuck in the ground along the sidewalk.

There must be at least 2 people present at any time.  It is not safe to be alone.  Have a cell phone handy and ready to record any incident that might occur.  It hasn’t been necessary yet but it is better to be prepared.  Events can be misconstrued and rapidly blown out of proportion.

If you find yourself alone at your vigil hour, please stay in your car and pray there.

Please bring your own signs.  Use a Pray to End Abortion sign or your own sign as long as it does not endorse any political candidate or party.

Please read and sign the Statementof Peace before you signup for vigil hours.  This is your pledge to abide by the peaceful and prayerful rules of the campaign.  It is not the place to debate the issues with anyone who might try and confront us at the vigil.


Leader Contact Info

Dolores Gebus, Frederick County Right to Life

(301) 695-3408

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