Spring 2021 | Feb 17 - Mar 28

Greenville Campaign

Greenville, SC United States
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Spring 2021 | Feb 17 - Mar 28 Map
Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside Greenvile Women's Clinic
1142 Grove Road Greenville, SC

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Public right-of-way outside
Greenville Women's Clinic
1142 Grove Road
Greenville, South Carolina


For Sign-up questions please call Judy Masterson 864-506-0964 or Valerie Baronkin 864-297-8838

Local events
Closing Celebration

Sunday, March 28th

We will host a baby shower for women who chose "Life" during the current campaign. Prayer Warriors will share their testimonies from the campaign. Parking is at Grove Road Baptist Church and empty shops next door to Piedmont Women's Center. Contact Judy 864-506-0964, Ingrid 864-329-0044 or Valerie 864-297-8838.

Address: 1143 Grove Road Greenville, SC 29605

Time: 3:00 PM

Leader Contact Info

Valerie Baronkin


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