Fall 2022 | Sept 28 - Nov 6

Helena Campaign

Helena, MT United States
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Vigil Location

Planned Parenthood Helena
1500 Cannon Street Helena, MT

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Praying can be done on the public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood Helena, 1500 Cannon Street, Helena, Montana.  Look for the white markings across the front of the property which show the boundary between the public right-of-way and the private property of Planned Parenthood.  Do not cross the white markings onto the private property of Planned Parenthood as that is considered trespassing. The sidewalk on the east side of Planned Parenthood is public right-of-way as is the alley at the back of the building.  The owners of the apartment building to the west have given permission to walk on the sidewalk on their side of the fence as long as we are sensitive to the needs of the residents of the apartment building.   

Local events
MidWay Rally @ Helena Alliance & Candle lite Vigil

Sunday, October 16th

With LR131 looming on the ballot this fall, we have two very special guests lined up to provide all who attend perspective on the importance of upholding the sanctity of life for the pre-born. This is a great opportunity to invite friends and family who may not be familiar with the legislative issues and/or the impact that abortion has on our community and those women and families who have experienced abortion. Speaking at this event is Robin Sertell, a resident of Montana who will be sharing her abortion survival experience with the audience as well as Matt Britton who is an attorney for 40 Days for Life, is very well versed in legislative issues concerning abortion, and will speak specifically to the dynamics of LR131. After our speakers have finished, we will walk to Planned Parenthood for a candlight vigil.

Address: 1400 Stuart St Helena, MT 59601

Time: 6:00 PM

Closing Rally at Bridge Assembly

Sunday, November 6th

Come enjoy fellowship and a pot luck dinner to share with all! Our closing rally will be a time to reflect and celebrate our successful 40 Days for Life 2022 Fall Campaign!

Address: 725 Granite Aveneu Helena, MT 59601

Time: 6:00 PM

Leader Contact Info

cheryl wilson

(406) 458-7034


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