Spring 2022 | March 2 - April 10

Huntsville Campaign

Huntsville, AL United States
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Spring 2022 | March 2 - April 10 Map
Vigil Location

Sidewalk across from Alabama Women's Center
4831 Sparkman Dr NW Huntsville, AL

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Thank you for your interest in 40 Days for Life – Huntsville!  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.


We have several resources listed below that can be downloaded from this website.

  1. Devotionals - Use these daily devotionals as a place to start regarding how to pray for the end of abortion.  Feel free to print it out and give to friends, family, your church family.
  2. Trifold Brochure – Use the attached brochure to help promote 40 Days for Life.  Post them at your business, hand them out at events, etc.
  3. Statement of Peace – If you signup to pray through the website, you electronically sign the statement of peace.  However, if you have a large group, this may be inconvenient.  Use the attached form to have your participants sign a hardcopy.
  4. Huntsville Pregnancy Resource Center - This is the website for the Pro-Life alternative to abortion.  Located in downtown Huntsville by Huntsville Hospital.
  5. Coupon for FREE Ultrasound/Pregnancy Test - Print these coupons out to give women seeking help with their pregnancy.  It has the address and phone numbers for the Huntsville Pregnancy Resource Center.

How YOU can help!

  1. Sign up to pray
  2. Invite others to pray
  3. “Like” us on Facebook and share our posts
  4. Get a group of friends together to “adopt a day”
  5. We also need vigil coordinators.  Ask us how you can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the address? 
    4831 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville, AL
  2. Where do I stand?
    The sidewalk adjacent to AAA school.  This is ACROSS from the Alabama Women’s Center.
  3. Where do I park?
    The only parking available is McClain Ln NW off of Oakwood Rd NW.  This is a residential street, so please be kind and allow room for the residents to park.  Do not park at any of the local businesses!  Download the parking map for more information. 


Email:  Huntsville40DFL@yahoo.com
Facebook:  Facebook.com/40DFLhsv





Leader Contact Info

Tom White

(513) 913-7475

(513) 913-7475

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Pro Life Hotline Flyer

Trifold Brochure

Ultrasound Coupon

Statement of Peace

Huntsville Pregnancy Resource Center

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