After Roe v. Wade was overturned, Glamour magazine profiled 46 celebrities who have had abortions.

While this might come as a shock, not one of them was a man.

And none of the men whom Newsweek magazine highlighted for their support of abortion had ever had an abortion...

...because men can't get pregnant, and they can't have abortions.

On today's video blog, I share how you should respond to this ridiculous claim that continues to gain popularity:

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The Sexual Revolution has killed countless marriages, families, and unborn babies. Now it's looking to destroy women altogether.

(Imagine telling a 1970s feminist that she was marching for MEN to have abortions!)

Tune in to the video and learn how to respond to Planned Parenthood supporters who suddenly decided that abortion isn't about women's rights any more.

Today's video is the final in a three-part series on abortion advocates denying the obvious:

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Planned Parenthood can't deny that your prayers save lives from abortion.

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Shawn Carney, President/CEO

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