September 25 - November 3

Champaign, IL United States

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Vigil Location

Planned Parenthood
302 East Stoughton Street Champaign, IL

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Planned Parenthood
302 East Stoughton Street
Champaign, IL 61820

abortion pill up to 10 weeks
referrals for other abortion services
post-abortion follow up exams

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Pro-Life Billboard Project

Monday, September 16th

Pro-Life Billboards with different designs and messages are being installed to encourage more critical thinking about the Right to Life for All, and for women and men facing unplanned pregnancies to know where to find help. Assistance is needed: 1. Landowners willing to allow a Pro-Life Billboard (4 feet x 8 feet and 6 feet tall) on their private property 2. Donations of any amount to help cover materials cost (volunteer labor will be used to install these Pro-Life Billboards) 3. Prayers that these Pro-Life Billboards will encourage more hearts and minds to be opened to the truth All are welcome to participate in this project to continue to build a stronger Culture of Life. Donations can be sent to Holy Cross Catholic Church, 405 West Clark Street, Champaign, IL 61820. PLEASE NOTE “PRO-LIFE BILLBOARD PROJECT” on the memo line of your check for any donations, so they can be credited to the correct account. Questions?? Contact Renée at

Address: Across Central Illinois Champaign, IL 61820

Time: 12:00 AM

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Renee Mullen


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