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College Park, MD United States
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Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside
5915 Greenbelt Road College Park, MD

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Public right-of-way outside
Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic
5915 Greenbelt Road
College Park, Maryland 20740


With regard to COVID-19, we have resumed our peaceful public prayer vigil at the sidewalk in front of MFPI abortion facility and require all partners and friends of 40 Days for Life, to sign our Statement of Peace, and to wear a face covering for this season, Sep 23- Nov 1, 2020.  We monitor Prince George's County's website for COVID-19 policies and will provide additional information, if conditions change in these six weeks.



We are praying that, with God's help, this groundbreaking effort will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in College Park -- and throughout America.

While all aspects of 40 Days for Life are crucial in our effort to end abortion, the most visible component is the peaceful prayer vigil outside the this abortion facility.

  1. The vigil site where people assemble is limited to the sidewalk along Greenbelt Road (between 59th and 60th Avenue) in front of the Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic building. Vigil attendees MUST remain on the sidewalk and not enter the parking lot of the clinic! We have to keep the sidewalk accessible for pedestrians. Never obstruct the sidewalk with a group of people or your personal property. For the portion of the sidewalk that crosses the primary driveway or the secondary driveway located about 50-feet west of the primary, do NOT stand, sit, or kneel or place personal property on these areas that access the MFPI parking lot!
  2. Please do NOT park in the Metropolitan Family Planning parking lot. Find a public parking space in the residential neighborhood surrounding the clinic (59th and 60th Avenues in Berwyn Heights) or on public streets or parking lots where permitted.
  3. The vigil hours are from 7am until 7pm each day, with a Knight Shift from 7pm until 7am each day.
  4. Participants shall not use any public address or sound system.
  5. The vigil is peaceful and prayerful. All participants agree to abide by a "Statement of Peace" with a pledge that they will conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner.  We ask that you NOT raise your voice or argue with any of the women entering the clinic. This is a peaceful PRAYER vigil.
  6. Should you experience any trouble, please contact the Berwyn Heights Police Department immediately at (301) 474-6554. We have already briefed the police chief of our presence there.
  7. Should anyone ask you for information on where they can get help, you can refer them Laurel Pregnancy Center 415 Main Street Laurel, MD 2707 301-776-9996.

One good resource is the Daily Devotional Prayers.  They are available from the 40 Days for Life website.

Our Website

Our College Park campaign operates a website and posts resource documents (i.e., flyers, prayers, guidelines for vigil, statement of peace) specific to the 40 Days for Life/College Park campaign.  You may download them from:   https://40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/college-park/ .

We ask the faithful who support this peaceful, prayerful, community vigil to create a user account.  Then explore the website and use the Vigil Calendar and find out how YOU can help make a lifesaving impact as part of our local 40 Days for Life campaign.

Thank you.

Local events
Jericho Walk - Berwyn Heights

Sunday, October 25th

The Jericho Walk is open to all people who have registered with 40 Days for Life College Park, and have made the Statement of Peace pledge. We meet at the public sidewalk at 3pm Sunday October 25, 2020, and pray while walking seven circuits about the streets adjacent to the MFPI abortion facility. We ask people to bring a bottle of water, in case the weather is warm, and to wear comfortable shoes. Each circuit requires about 15-minutes. So use your good judgment and walk only two or three circuits, and not all seven. We are looking to advertise and to increase our participation this 2020, so we have up to 50 persons. We will use safe social distancing and check back for updates on whether we will advise face coverings. For information, phone Tom Trunk, 240-593-6982, or Email, 40DaysforLifeMD@gmail.com. Thanks!

Address: 5915 Greenbelt Road College Park, MD 20740

Time: 3:00 PM

Closing Vigil - Group Event

Sunday, November 1st

We gather one last time as a group to end the Fall Campaign we meet inside Holy Redeemer Church, in College Park. Please check back for updated Time, and Room Location... for Sunday Afternoon November 1, 2020. For Information, or to assist, phone Katherine Hunter, 240-444-3390. Thanks.

Address: 4904 Berwyn Road College Park, MD 20740

Time: 2:00 PM

Leader Contact Info

Katherine Hunter


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