Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1

Fort Collins Campaign

Fort Collins, CO United States
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Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1 Map
Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside
825 S. Shields St. Fort Collins, CO

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PLEASE NOTE: Registering on this webpage will bring you information from the national 40 Days for Life Headquarters on a daily basis during 40 Days for Life. This information includes daily prayers, scripture and intentions. 

Occasional local prayer campaign will come from this email

To receive Northern Colorado for Life emails, including local prayer vigil information email: Northernco4life@gmail.com to be added to the local distribution list!


Thank you for your courage to stand vigil and pray for the most vulnerable in our society.

Free parking in St. John XXIII's parking lot located at 1220 University Ave, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Vigil signs, bathrooms, prayer cards, and resources etc. (possibly refreshments) are available in St. John XXIII as well. 

Please stand peaceful vigil on public sidewalk in Front of the Plannned Parenthood (West side of Shields along the stone wall in front of the Planned Parenthood building)

Address: 825 South Shields Street, Fort Collins, Colorado.


1. Be careful not to trespass on the private property. This includes the driveway and parking lot.

2. Be familiar with the Colorado  "bubble" law which means we must remain at least 100ft. from the PP doors. When offering information to passers-by,  ask them for permission to do so. That is as easy as saying, "May I give you provide you with some free resources".

3. If this is your first time out praying on the sidewalk, the best time “learn” the ropes with experienced sidewalk counselors is on Abortion Days, Thursday, Friday, Saturday between 8am and noon. There are usually experienced and regular prayer warriors present to pray with you. For more quite prayer time, Sunday is a good day to pray.

4. The building that houses Planned Parenthood is currently undergoing some rennovations.   Be aware of construction.

5. Be aware of southbound traffic.

6. If at any time you feel un-safe, leave the area immediately contact the police, if appropriate. Notify the 40 Days for Life Coordinator at northernco4life@gmail.com.


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Heather Kenney


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