Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1

Fort Myers Campaign

Fort Myers, FL United States
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Vigil Location

6418 Commerce Park Drive in Fort Myers (public right of way on street)
6418 Commerce Park Dr Fort Myers, FL

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Planed Parenthood has relocated to 6418 Commerce Park Drive, Fort Myers, FL.  Street parking is available on nearby.  Please make sure to avoid parking on the street directly in front of Planned Parenthood; park on the shoulder/grass on either side of the road further down the street.  

There is a public right of way (the sidewalk and small grass strip between the sidewalk and the street) in front of the Planned Parenthood facility.  Please do not enter the property (the inside edge of the sidewalk is the property line). Please do not block the facility's parking entrance or enter the facility's parking lot.

Praying silently (or softly) is OK and carrying a 40 Days For Life approved sign is suggested but not required. 

For information on signs and other questions, please email: 40DaysForLifeFMSP@Gmail.com

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Rick & Paula

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