Fall 2023 | Sept 27 - Nov 5

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East Melbourne, Australia
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Vigil Location

Wellington Parade
118 Wellington Parade East Melbourne,

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Please note that in Victoria, it is a criminal offense to witness for life, to offer help to women or to pray within 150m of an abortion facility.

Please do not carry visible pro-life signs or banners into the exclusion zone.

The vigil site is outside Jolimont Station at the marked "exclusion-zone." The blue line denotes that we are 150 m from the Fertility Control Clinic, and that it is lawful to gather there to pray and witness to the horror of abortion.

The Fertility Control Clinic is the site of thousands of abortions each year and your prayers and fasting will ensure that, in God's time, this place of death will close.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Take the 75 or 48 tram, or train to Jolimont train station.

CAR: 4 hour parks are available on Wellington Parade, across the road from Fitzroy Gardens. 2 hour parks can be found on the same side as the Gardens along Wellington Parade, with 1 hour parks along Clarendon Street. Parks nearer to the vigil site may be available, depending on the time of day. 

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Kathy Clubb


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