Fall 2020 | Sept 23 - Nov 1

Newport News Campaign

Newport News, VA United States
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Vigil Location

Welcome to our Spring Campaign!
10758 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News, VA

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Welcome to our Spring Campaign!

You are now a member of one of the largest pro-life prayer groups in the world!!

40 Days For Life provides us with an incredible opportunity to join together as we pray for our most vulnerable, most precious little brothers and sisters who are desperately in need of our intercessory prayers.

**No parking signs have been posted in the vacant lot to the left of the clinic so please park in the spots to the right of the clinic immediately in front of the large brick building. Please do not park in the spots in front of the barber shop if he is open for business, as per the barbers request**

If you are praying on the grass to the left of the clinic please be very vigilant when crossing over the driveway as cars can pull in from Jefferson Avenue in a very big hurry!!

While you are praying it is safer for you and for everyone walking or riding past on their bikes if you stand on the grassy areas in front of the clinic rather than the sidewalk.

As you pray, please be very vigilant and always aware of your close proximity to the very fast moving cars, trucks, and buses on Jefferson Avenue. Your safety is extremely important!

Please also be aware not to hold your signs in a way that might distract drivers, their safety is extremely important too!

May God abundantly Bless you today and always!


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Caroline Barnes

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