Spring 2023 | Feb 22 - Apr 2

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Perth, Australia
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Vigil Location

Parliament House
4 Harvest Terrace Perth,

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Since the law now prevents us from praying outside the abortion mills the prayer vigil is again at Parliament House, 4 Harvest Terrace West Perth.

We are there Monday to Saturday (but starting on Ash Wednesday February 22nd), from 7AM to 5PM. These hours mirror the hours when the two main abortion clinics in Perth are open.

Yes we do have a police permit to be in attendance!

You are welcome to sign up on this website or call the office (or me!) directly.

Here are the directions:
The prayer vigil is at the back of Parliament House, NOT on Harvest Terrace.

So, if you are at the 'back' of Parliament House standing in the carpark, with the big glass doors and steps in front of you and Mitchell Freeway at your back, then we are on the grassed area on the LEFT.

Look left, past the big metal security boom gate, to the carpark beyond. That is where you can park. In front of that carpark is the grassed area. It will be hard to miss all our signs!

When you come you will have to sign the peace pledge of course.

We are limiting everyone to two hours at at a time. In fact we prefer to have attendees to be there only two hours a week. So, sign up! Join the happy throng!


God bless

Steve Klomp




Leader Contact Info

Steve Klomp, Right to Life Association of Western Australia



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