Fall 2022 | Sept 28 - Nov 6

Lynnwood Campaign

Lynnwood, WA United States
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Fall 2022 | Sept 28 - Nov 6 Map
Vigil Location

Public Right-of-Way outside Planned Parenthood
19505 76th Ave W. 200 Lynnwood, WA

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Thank you to everyone who participatedin the 2022 Fall Vigil. Look for information about the 2023 Spring Vigil which begins February 22 (Ash Wednesday). 

Our presence on the sidewalk in Lynnwood is making a difference. No shows for appointments can be as high as 75% when someone is standing on the sidewalk peacefully praying.

Chemical abortions are scheduled every day at the Lynnwood PP, Monday - Friday.

Women deserve better than abortion and we can provide them with more options and tangeble support than a means to end the life of their baby. We know that most women do not want to abort their children, and are crying out to God for a sign. Your presence on the sidewalk could be that very sign.

Women who have taken the first set of abortion pills in the clinic can reverse their abortion if they receive medical care in time. They can call  (855) 209-4848 or visit https://reverseabortionpill.com/

Be part of the solution in making abortion unthinkable in our community, please come to the sidewalk and stand for two lives - the life of the mother and the life of her baby. Let's love them both!

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

Lynnwood PP Clinic Hours:

Monday 8:30am–4:30pm, 

Tuesday 9am–5pm

Wednesday 10:30 am– 6:30 pm

Thursday 10 am–6pm

Friday 9 am– 5 pm (fourth Friday of every month, clinic opens at noon)

Closed Saturday & Sunday

We stand on the sidewalk on 196th Street SW (across from the QFC).

God bless!

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R. Anderson

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Statement of Peace - Please Review

2021 Kent WA PP Closed!

Perimeter Prayer

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10 Principles of Life - Healing the Culture - great overall position on the value of all human life

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