Fall 2023 | Sept 27 - Nov 5

Naples Campaign

Naples, FL United States
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Fall 2023 | Sept 27 - Nov 5 Map
Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside of Planned Parenthood
1425 Creech Rd Naples, FL

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Katrina Rodriguez will be the Co-leader for the Fall 40 DFL - Naples Vigil.  Katrina will be the Catholic Outreach leader , feel free to contact her @ (512)876-0002.  Ricki & Katrina can both be reached @ 40DFLnaples@gmail.com

Local events
Life Chain

Sunday, October 1st

Life Chain details , check flyer in Resources

Address: See attached flyer in Resources Naples - Bonita Springs, FL 34103,

Time: 2:30 PM

Leader Contact Info

Ricki Giersch

(630) 514-2058


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English 4up Vigil info

Rally for Life ( Action for Life)

Life Chain - Oct 1

Statement of Peace

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