Spring 2021 | Feb 17 - Mar 28

Nottingham Campaign

Stapleford, United Kingdom
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Vigil Location

BPAS Nottingham West, Stapleford Care Centre
Church St Stapleford,

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Due to the current lockdown restrictions, it is not possible to conduct our prayer vigil in person at the moment.

Our 2021 campaign of prayer and fasting will, however, still take place ! It begins on Ash Wednesday (17th February), and ends 40 days later on Palm Sunday (28th March). We will be praying for an end to abortion in our own homes and places of worship, for 12 hours every day for 40 consecutive days. To take part in our vigil of prayer and fasting, please sign up and create a login using this website. Then, you can put your name down in the vigil calendar for however many hours you wish - for example, one hour during Lent, or one hour each week... or for those who have more time available, an hour a day. It's entirely up to you. During the campaign, you will receive emails with inspiring stories of others who are also praying for an end to abortion at the same time, in communities around the entire world. 

If you agree that abortion involves ending the life of an innocent fellow human being: if you know how harmful it is to women and families: if you dislike the way it discriminates against the weakest, the most vulnerable, including females and the disabled... please join with us in praying for this cruel injustice to end. As individuals, we may not be able to end abortion. But God can!

'For nothing is impossible to God.'

Luke, 1:37



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Nottingham 40 days for life

07547 795 315

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