Spring 2021 | Feb 17 - Mar 28

Oakville Campaign

Oakville, Canada
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Spring 2021 | Feb 17 - Mar 28 Map
Vigil Location

The northwest corner of Proudfoot Trail at Dundas Street
1363 Dundas St W Oakville,

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We pray at Proudfoot Trail and Dundas St W. (Note this is slightly west of the mark on the map)

(*)The Prayer Vigil area is on the North side of Dundas St. at Proudfoot Trail. (northwest corner)

Physical distancing can be achieved at this corner; there is plenty of room, and approximately 2000 people pass per hour.

Please park on Newcastle crescent and walk through the path to the corner. It's about 100 meters total walking distance.



additional notes to new volunteers:

(This email was sent to all at the start of the campaign)


Dear Friends of Life

It appears that we will indeed be able to stand and keep the vigil starting on February 17th.
Our prayers and peaceful vigil are needed more than ever this spring.
We are the sign from God that she was watching for, and the phone numbers on your sign will connect people with
real help.
I want to personally thank you all for your support in past campaigns and invite you to participate once again.

The vigil is from 7 AM to 7 PM and it gets dark by about 6 PM for the first few weeks, so please ensure you are with a group if out past 6 PM.
As the campaign progresses it will be still light at 7 PM. There are plenty of street lights at the intersection.

Please take the time to ensure that your login is still working and you can view the calendar.
The address is 40daysforlife.com/Oakville

Although we are not planning for any large groups to be there, be advised that there is plenty of room to park right at the corner, and you are asked to wear a mask for the duration and stand spaced at least 2 meters apart.

I will place some signs in the area, just beside the pole in the parking area. They have been safe there in the past. Also some wipes and paper towels if you need to dry the sign.

As always, you should try to come with a friend or meet a friend there, and you may of course leave at any time if there's any hint of trouble.

I myself have never encountered a problem there yet, but we are all well advised to vacate if for any reason you feel unsafe and to please then give me a call so i know about it. Also if the police advise you to move your vehicle (they have never done so in the past) be cordial and do so.

There is parking at the corner. It is best to turn your vehicle around when you arrive, so that leaving will be safe and easy later.
Please be sure not to let your vehicle be parked overlapping the painted crosswalk area even by 1 inch.

I, Steve Germann, can be reached anytime by phone text to 905 333 6472 or call me. I will be there in the morning from 7-9 am each day, so i can ensure the sign supply is adequate etc.

If you plan to come more than once, please take the sign you use away with you and return it on your last scheduled day. Signs can be purchased for $20 for the large signs. You may borrow and keep a smaller sign for the duration for free. You can send money to me by etransfer for your sign. smrg@cogeco.ca

I will leave a phone charger there in a tub with the signs. You should bring your own cable that matches your phone, so you don't have to worry
about your phone expiring while you are there. It has been cold. Please be sure to dress very warmly with extra layers.
Standing still outside is like being active in 10 degrees C cooler weather, so you will need a warm hat, scarf, mitts, a sweater, and maybe even snow pants. I always dress very warmly indeed. I suggest you wear a peaked hat to keep the sun out of your eyes if you are there in the daytime. It's bright. Sunglasses too.

Although i would like us to be on the northwest corner of the intersection, feel free to cross the road if that allows you to use your sign to better block the wind. Multiple people can use multiple corners, or one at a time can take a break in the car if it's cold.

Blessings to you all.




Leader Contact Info

Steve Germann

905 333 6472

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