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Richmond, VA
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Vigil Location

Planned Parenthood - Hamilton Health Center
201 N Hamilton St Richmond, VA

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Dear praying friends,

Welcome to 40 Days for Life! 

It's almost here!  The opening prayer vigil for the Lent 40 Days for Life campaign in Richmond will be held this Wednesday, 02/14/24, 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM, on the sidewalk at the Hamilton Street Planned Parenthood clinic.  Please join us!

Starting this Wednesday and for 40 days (from Feb. 14 to March 24), our goal is to maintain a peaceful, praying presence on the sidewalk there during the hours that the clinic is open, Mondays through Saturdays.  We know Thursdays and Fridays are surgical abortion days, and we think they do them on other days, too, but of course the abortion pill is a huge factor and is no doubt given to girls and women every day of the week.  

When we go to Planned Parenthood, we PRAY.  We pray together or alone, in groups or quietly by ourselves.  If you are at all able, please bring a friend, a prayer partner, a family member or Sister or Brother in the Lord.  Note that we are careful not to trespass on Planned Parenthood's property, but stand on the public right-of-way (the sidewalk) in front of their building, and on the other side of the driveway, which is visible to the patients in the parking lot.  Our goal, as we hold signs for them to see, is to offer help and hope. 

I have signs available if you would like to hold a sign that says "We Will Help You." or "Pray to End Abortion." or "Ask Me About a Free Ultrasound."  We also have flyers, which direct the girls and women to call an Option Line hotline (Call or text 24/7 1-800-712-4357). This is the best way to get these girls and women and men to go to the Pregnancy Resource Centers (we have 4 locations in Richmond), rather than continuing in to the Planned Parenthood clinic. Our hope and prayer is that we can communicate to them that they have options, that terminating their pregnancy is not a good decision for them or for their unborn baby. The back side of these flyers has information on Abortion Pill Reversal (call 24/7 877-558-0333)

PLEASE join us, making a weekly commitment to pray if at all possible. Sign up on this website, and encourage your church to join us in prayer:  www.40daysforlife.com/Richmond.  Our 2024 Lent campaign is February 14 to March 24.

Thank you so much,

Berek Dostie

Richmond Leader, 40 Days for Life


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Berek Dostie

(443) 223-9249


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