September 25 - November 3

Roanoke, VA United States

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September 25 - November 3 Map
Vigil Location

Planned Parenthood
2207 Peters Creek Rd. Roanoke, VA

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Public right-of-way outside

Planned Parenthood
2207 Peters Creek Road
Roanoke, Virginia

Parking options for volunteers: You may park along Woodbridge Ave. NW, just south of Planned Parenthood off of Peters Creek Road.  Due to some construction at this time, you may not park along the shoulder of Peters Creek Road across from Planned Parenthood.  Also, Westminster Presbyterian Church, located across from Planned Parenthood, has given permission for us to park along their driveway.

Rules according to our permit:
1. Use grass area between curb on Peters Creek Rd. and property line of Planned Parenthood for prayer vigil.
2. Carry any signs in hands (I attach a small rope to the sign and wear it around my neck). No handles will be allowed or signs staked in the ground. (I bring my folding chair and attach an extra sign to the back of it with clips and that is allowed. But beware, if we try bringing lots of folding chairs and do this, I'm pretty sure this too will be taken away.)
3. Do Not enter Peters Creek Rd. or vehicular entrance/exit to Planned Parenthood to hand out flyers, etc.
4. Do Not park vehicles on vehicular travel lanes or bicycle lanes of Peters Creek Road.

Leader Contact Info

Dorothy Marshall


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Roanoke permit Sept 2019

PP permit area map

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