Fall 2022 | Sept 28 - Nov 6

Sarasota Campaign

Sarasota, FL United States
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Fall 2022 | Sept 28 - Nov 6 Map
Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside
736 Central Avenue Sarasota, FL

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Public right-of-way outside
Planned Parenthood
736 Central Avenue
Sarasota, Florida

40 Days for Life 365

YEAR ROUND having a prayerful presence the 4 days a week when the clinic is open, Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 8am to 4pm and Thursday from 9am to 6pm.  Starting with covering Tuesdays, then Thursdays, Fridays, and finally Mondays, going gradually to eventually fill all four days. :)


During 40 Day Vigils

Vigil hours are from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, daily for the 40 Day campaign.  We filled 100% of the hours Fall 2019 and pray to God that He will send prayer warriers this fall to again fill 100% of the hours.

Churches/organizations are being asked to pick a day or days and cover from 9:00 am to 5:00pm.  A few days have been chosen so far. 

We are asking individuals to consider committing to the 5:00pm to 7:00pm shift either for an entire week or for a particular day of the week for all six weeks of the campaign.  In addition, Sundays from 9:00pm to 7:00pm are usually not picked by a church.  If you would consider hours on Sunday that would be helpful.  This will help you to plan your calendar in advance and help us cut down on last minute emails to fill open hours.  If anyone would like to join me from 7:00am to 9:00am, that would be great too.  Thank you!!  You can contact Tonya or myself or signup via this website,

Street parking

On Central Avenue, but don’t go north of 9th Street.  Note many spots on Central have a two-hour time limit.

There are a few spots on 7th Street, east of Central Ave (away from the bay), beyond the driveway on the right.

Florida Ave, one block west of Central

Cohen Way, one block east of Central, is a residential area but may have spots but there is construction going on there.

Boulevard of the Arts (6th Street) – east of Central are businesses, but there maybe open spots.  West of Central may have more availability.

City Lot

There is a city lot on 5th Street, 1/2 block east of Central Ave.

Do not park: In Planned Parenthood’s lot at the corner of Central Ave and 7th Street, nor their 8th Street lot.

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