Last month, Sen. Elizabeth Warren unleashed a bizarre attack against pro-life pregnancy help centers, demanding that they be "shut down."

The rant showed just how out of touch abortion advocates are. Most people appreciate the free support, material assistance, and education that pregnancy centers provide to women who choose life.

Sen. Warren and pro-abortion radicals are pro-choice--as long as that choice is abortion.

If you missed my video responding to Sen. Warren's claims that pregnancy centers torture expectant mothers, check it out by visiting

Unfortunately, Sen. Warren isn't alone. Abortion advocates across the country are attacking pregnancy centers verbally, legally, and violently.

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Pregnancy help centers save lives--and save mothers a lifetime of regret...

...but first, abortion-vulnerable women need to know they exist. Learn how to most effectively direct expectant mothers considering abortion to the pregnancy center in your community by enrolling in 40 Days for Life's new Sidewalk Outreach training course:

Steven Karlen, Campaign Director

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