The abortion industry likes to paint pro-lifers as "extremist" because we oppose abortion even in cases of rape.

The oft-repeated attack shamefully exploits sexual assault survivors for financial and political gain. And it's particularly appalling given that sex offenders have no better tool for concealing their crimes than abortion.

Julie in Norman, Oklahoma reported that a woman sped into the abortion facility's parking lot, yelling "Call 911 because I'm about to stir things up!"

With the entrance locked, she began pounding on the doors, demanding her medical records.

"She was raped by her step father starting in kindergarten," Julie said. "She became pregnant, and her mother forced her to come [here] for an abortion to cover up the crime. She needed to know--did the doctor file a report of rape or was [the abuse] swept under the rug?"

When police arrived, the abortion facility said it did not keep the woman's patient records.

"She was begging to know for closure and for healing," Julie said. "The officers managed to calm her, and one hugged her as she wept."

40 Days for Life participants were able to share post-abortion healing resources and pray with her. She composed herself and thanked the police officers for listening to her.

"All our hearts were broken for her and her child. In that darkness, we were able to share God’s love, peace and hope with her."

Julie's report is a reminder that abortion hurts. It's just one report of many that demonstrate the importance of your prayer and witness on the sidewalk.

Catonsville, Maryland

After a young woman asked 40 Days for Life participants in Catonsville what they were up to, she admitted she had an abortion at the facility last year--noting that there was nobody on the sidewalk praying for her.

"She was so glad to talk to us," said Kim, the local leader. "She told us she is working on the healing process and seeing a counselor. We shared information about Project Rachel and gave her a bag containing gifts and pregnancy help information."

Riga, Latvia

"Why do you disregard women who've had an abortion?" a woman asked 40 Days for Life prayer participants in Latvia.

After the prayer warriors affirmed the love that both God and the campaign participants have for women, they recognized that the accusation came from a place of pain.

"Now I understand how deeply this couple was injured by abortion," one team member said. "They had to hear that we don't judge them."

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your love and saving grace in Christ Jesus. Help us to realize every day the great blessing we have in our Savior. I pray that we will rise every morning with excitement and zeal, looking forward to walking another day in your footsteps fully knowing that you continue to dwell among us.

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For life,

Shawn Carney
President/CEO, 40 Days for Life

Steven Karlen, Campaign Director

Prior to joining the headquarters team, Steve directed several highly-successful 40 Days for Life campaigns in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. As campaign director, Steve helps local 40 Days for Life leaders build and improve life-saving efforts in their communities.