Spring 2023 | Feb 22 - Apr 2

Tri Cities Campaign

Kennewick, WA United States
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Spring 2023 | Feb 22 - Apr 2 Map
Vigil Location

Public right-of-way outside
7426 W. Bonnie Ave. Kennewick, WA

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Public right-of-way outside
Planned Parenthood
7426 West Bonnie Avenue
Kennewick, Washington

Please park only in on-street parking spaces and stand along the public right-of-way. Do not enter Planned Parenthood's parking lot. WE ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED TO PARK OR ENTER THE FORMER CINCO DE MAYO PARKING LOT OR PROPERTY. THE NEW OWNERS WILL CONSIDER IT TRESPASSING. THANK YOU!

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(509) 980-1736


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